Kim Jaejoong - I'll Protect You, Ost Protect The Boss

Kim Jaejoong - I'll Protect You, Ost Protect The Boss Lyric

nun ddeugodo
neol baraboji mothae 
jichin chueoge heuryeojin 
neoui mameul nan chatji mothae 
mani ulgo 
jichyeo deo isang mothae 
saenggakhaedo neoreul bomyeon gwaenchaneul geot gata

* jikyeojugo shipeo 
neoui jalmotdwen nappeun beoreutdeulkkajido
himdeun nal utge mandeuneun geoya  
jom himdeulgetjiman 
neol saranghae rago maldo hal geoya 
meonjeo nae pume oneun nalkkaji 

utji mothae 
useodo gieok mothae 
oneul harudo kkumcheoreom 
nunddeumyeon sarajil geot gateun 
neol bogodo 
gyeote eobneun geot gata 
pyohyeoni seotunreungabwa neol saranghagien 

back to *

hoksi dareun ongireul chaja
naege ddeonaga haengbokhae hal geoni 
geuraedo neol bonael su eobseo 
baby jukgiboda deo apeultende 

naega neol saranghae 
dareun nugudo ani ne ape itjana
naega ni soneul jabgo itjana
nugungaui pume
jul su eobseo aesseo utgo itjana
bonael su eobseohaneun mameul wae

English Translate Lyric

even if I open my eyes
I am not able to look straight at you
in those fatigued reminiscences
I couldn’t find your heart that had become blurred
getting restless from all that cries
and when I thought that I couldn’t go on
I get all better once I see you

* I want to protect you
even those bad habits of yours that’s so wrong
are what make me laugh during my rough days
although it will be slightly difficult
I will also say words like “I love you”
until the day that you come into my arms first

I can’t laugh
even if I laugh, I can’t remember
today seems like a dream too
once I open my eyes, it will disappear
even if I glance at you
you don’t seem to be beside me
it seems like I am too fast at expressing “I love you”

Back to *

perhaps you’re looking for other warmth
would you be happy if you were to leave me?
I am not able to let you go even with that
baby, because it will hurt more than dying

I love you
you weren’t in front of any others but me
aren’t I holding on to your hands?
I can’t give you up to the arms of any others
I am trying hard to smile
why is my heart unable to let you go?

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