Sungmin Twitter Update

This is first time for Sungmin share picture in twitter, he say :
@imSMl :잘 도착했다!아휴 다행~^^도착해서 인나누나랑 한장 찍었음~ㅎㅎㅎㅎ아고 재미있어~

Trans :  I've arrived safely! Phew, thank God~^^ Since I've arrived, I took one shot with Inna noona~ha ha ha ha Aigo, it's fun

Se7en Take a Picture With G-Dragon

@officialse7en :[내가 노래를 못해도] 뮤직비디오 촬영현장!!! 아주 잠깐 카메오 출연을 위해 달려와준 착한 내동생과 함께!!! Love u GD!!!!! Ps. MV 오늘밤 12시 개봉박두!!

Trans : [When I Can't Sing] Music Video Shoot!!! With my nice dongsaeng who rushed over for a very short cameo appearance!!! Love u GD!!!!! Ps. MV coming soon tonight at 12:00!!

JR in Kakao Talk

JR is a new star of JYP entertaiment.

Kim Heechul, Kyuhyun and Donghae Super Junior Came To Eunhyuk Drama Musical

@Heedictator :I've sawn Eunhyuk's musical very interestingly. Eunhyuk's singing was a fresh shock. Cheers for FAME~ :o)

Taeyang Twitter Update 280112

The First he say :@Realtaeyang : Mr TEYDADDY , with this picture

Lee Sung Jin Twitter Update

@Say_boy03: Hyung-ah ~.~ I can't breathe

Lee Sung Jin is Lee Sung Min Super Junior Brother. This is a photo of their childhood, looks very Cute

Yesung Twitter Update 260112

@shfly3424 :The weather has started to become nicer~~ Everyone have a great day ~~ I’ll be watching over you…

Brave Girl Profile

2PM Handwritings Message For Kakao Talk Plus Friends

2PM Chansung

In Kakao Talk this time, 2pm to share their signatures

Super Junior In Golden Disk Award

After winning 4 Golden trophies, Super junior members update their twitter with this pict, lets check it out :

The Winner Of Golden Disk Award Day 1

This is the winner of Golden Disk Award  for the physical album categories:

Happy Birthday Lee SungMin

Now 1st day in 2012 and also Sungmin Birthday. Happy Birthday Lee Sungmin 27th , Wish  u all the best,