F(X) - Electric Shock

F(X) - Electric Shock Lyric

Super Junior - Someday

Super Junior - Someday Lyric

Super Junior - Now

Super Junior - Now Lyric

Super Junior - From U

Super Junior - From U Lyric

Super Junior - Daydream

  Super Junior - Daydream Lyric

Super Junior - Butterfly

 Super Junior - Butterfly Lyric

Super Junior - A Good Bye

Super Junior - A Good Bye Lyric

Super Junior - Sexy Free and Single

 Super Junior - Sexy Free and Single Lyric


Yesung Super Junior Twitter Update 290212

@shfly3424 : WHYSTYLE & SuperJunior !!
WHYSTYLE will be open tomorrow at 10.00 KST

Daesung Big Bang - Wings

Daesung Big Bang - Wings Lyric

Big Bang - Fantastic Baby

Big Bang - Fantastic Baby Lyric

Big Bang - Ain't No Fun (재미없어)

Big Bang - Ain't No Fun Lyric

Big Bang - Bad Boy

Big Bang - Bad Boy Lyric

Big Bang - Love Dust (사랑먼지)

Big Bang - Love Dust Lyric

Big Bang - Alive Intro

Big Bang - Alive Intro Lyric


Siwon and Ryeowook Super Junior Graduation, Pic

@ryeong9: I've graduated~~>< Thank you to all the professors, asisstant noonas, seniors, and juniors~~ Eventhough I can't confidently say that I'm a qualified graduate like the others, (because) I couldn't do the activities on campus, but I've been always an Inha student at heart. Lastly, thank you for Professor's words. I won't forget it^^


Park Gyuri Kara - Look Only At You, Ost City Hunter

Park Gyuri, Kara - Look Only At You Lyric

Aple Mango - I Love You I Want You I Need You, Ost City Hunter

Apple Mango - I Love You I Want You I Need You Lyric

J-Symphony - Lovely Day, Ost City Hunter

J-Symphony - Lovely Day Lyric

Kim Bo Kyung - Suddenly, Ost City Hunter

Kim Bo Kyung - Suddenly Lyric

Girl's Day - Cupid, Ost City Hunter

Girl's Day - Cupid, Ost City Hunter Lyric

Jong Hyun Shiee - So Goodbye, Ost City Hunter

Jong Hyun Shiee - So Goodbye Lyrics

Im Jae Beom - 사랑 (Love), Ost City Hunter

Im Jae Beom - 사랑 (Love), Ost City Hunter Lyrics

MBALQ - Hello My EX

MBALQ - Hello My EX Lyrics


MBALQ - 아찔한 그녀 (Jittery Girl)

MBALQ - 아찔한 그녀 (Jittery Girl) Lyrics

MBALQ - 낙서 (Scribble)

MBALQ - 낙서 (Scribble) Lyrics

T-ara - Lovey Dovey

T-Ara - Lovey Dovey Lyrics


MBALQ - Run Lyric

MBALQ - It's War

MBALQ - It's War Lyric

Yesung Super Junior Update Twitter 200212

@shfly3424 : 싱가폴콘서트마치고 무사히귀환 ~~! 고마워 ELF !!
Trans : @shfly3424 :   Safely backed from the concert in Singapure~ ~! Thanks ELF!!

PSY - Gangnam Style

PSY - Gangnam Style Lyric